• HYDRA - SiN cantilever and Si tip
  • NITRA - Both cantilever & tip are SiN
  • NITRA-TALL - Nitra with tall tip


AppNano offers two series of silicon nitride cantilevered probes:

  • Hydra series- a hybrid probe with nitride cantilever and a silicon tip and
  • Nitra series- features both the cantilever and tip made up of silicon nitride


  • HYDRA probes are the world’s first true hybrid probes- low stress silicon nitride cantilevers integrated with sharp single crystal silicon tips
  • Silicon tip is integrated on a silicon pad for increased laser reflectivity without metal coating
  • This unique design ensures stable imaging in liquid without thermal drift
  • Available in rectangular (R) or triangular (V) shaped cantilevers of different lengths and thickness to enable various modes of AFM in both air/liquid media
  • Ideal for imaging soft biological samples in their aqueous environment
  • Silicon tips can be made hydrophobic or hydrophilic for functionalization studies
  • Tip can be made conductive by backside metal coating for electrical measurements
HYDRA-2R-50N: For Contact /Spectroscopy/ Tapping™ applications in liquid
HYDRA-2R-100N: Ideally suited for Contact mode in liquid
HYDRA-6R-100N: For Tapping mode in liquid/air
HYDRA-6R-200N: For Contact mode/Spectroscopy applications in liquid
HYDRA- Silicon Nitride AFM Probes
Cantilever Specs. * 2R-50N 2R-100N 6R-100N 6R-200N
k (N/m) 0.084 0.011 0.284 0.035
f (kHz) 77 21 66 17
Length (μm) 50 100 100 200
Width (μm) 35 35 35 35
Thickness (µm) 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
Coating (reflex side)
  • Au
  • None
Tip specs. * 2R-50N/2R-100N/
Material Silicon
Shape Tetrahedral
Height (μm) 4-6
ROC (nm) <10
Options Tipless
Special option Au coating


  • V shaped cantilevers are more stable to torsional or lateral forces that makes them ideal probes for imaging samples with high adhesive forces, deep trenches and contact mode imaging in general.
HYDRA-4V-100N: Contact/Tapping/Spectroscopy in liquid/air
HYDRA-6V-100N: Tapping mode applications in liquid/air
HYDRA-6V-100W: Tapping mode applications in liquid/air
HYDRA-6V-200N: Contact mode/Spectroscopy in liquid
HYDRA-6V-200W: Contact mode/Spectroscopy in liquid
HYDRA- V Shape Silicon Nitride AFM Probes
Cantilever Specs. * 4V-100N 6V-100N 6V-100W 6V-200N 6V-200W
k (N/m) 0.088 0.292 0.405 0.045 0.081
f (kHz) 42 66 67 17 17
Length (μm) 100 100 100 200 200
Width (μm) 18 18 25 22 40
Thickness (µm) 0.4 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
Coating (reflex side)
  • Uncoated
  • Au
Tip specs. * 4V-100N/6V-100N/ 
Material Silicon
Shape Tetrahedral
Height (μm) 4-6
ROC (nm) <10
Options Tipless (TL)
Special option Au coating (GG)


  • 4-in-1 probe chip with cantilevers with different stiffness and resonance frequencies for different modes of AFM applications.
HYDRA-ALL 4-in-1 AFM Probe
Cantilever k (N/m) f (kHz) Length (µm) Width (µm)
A 0.292 66 100 18
B 0.045 17 200 22
C 0.405 67 100 25
D 0.081 17 20 40
Coating Au/Uncoated (reflex side)
Tip specifications
Material Si
Shape Tetrahedral
Height (μm) 4-6
ROC (nm) <10
Coating Uncoated
Special option Tip with larger radius Au coating (GG)


  • V-shaped silicon nitride cantilevered probe with sharp silicon tip designed for SCAN-ASYST mode. The reflex side is coated with Aluminum for enhanced reflectivity.
V-Scan-Air ScanAsyst Peak Force Tapping Mode Probe
Cantilever Specs. *
k (N/m) 0.292
f (kHz) 66
Length (μm) 100
Width (μm) 18
Coating (reflex side) Al
Tip specs. *
ROC (nm) <10
Height (μm) 4-6
Shape Tetrahedral
Coating Uncoated
Special option Tip with larger radius
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