• Ball probes (B)
  • Plateau probes (PTU)
  • Colloidal probes


  • We offer several series of probes for custom applications like nano-indentation, force spectroscopy, functionalization studies, deep trench metrology, etc.
  • If you need a probe that is not listed here, please contact us for your specific needs.


  • Ball probes are designed for nano-indentation studies that requires well defined hard contact with the sample
  • The tip apex is created using electron beam deposition of high density carbon that is hemispherical and extremely smooth surface
Cantilever options Available on SICON, FORT and ACT probes
Coating options (reflex side)
  • Al
  • None
Ball size options 20/35/50/100/150 (nm)
Special option Au coating on reflex side


  • Colloidal probes are typically used to study surface interaction forces
  • A colloidal particle with well-defined geometry attached to the free end of the cantilever is used to measure interaction forces to determine nano-mechanical properties
  • We mount borosilicate glass (BSG)/Polystyrene (PS)/Silica (SiO?) particles of different sizes with high precision
  • We also mount user supplied particles, please contact us for details
Cantilever options All standard silicon and silicon nitride cantilevers
Coating options (reflex side) Al/Au/None
Colloidal options BSG/PS/SiO?
Colloid size options 5/10/15/20 (μm)
Special options User provided particles can also be mounted


  • Plateau probes are designed to provide well defined contact area on the sample to study surface interactions
  • The tip features flat top and a conical tip with varying cantilever characteristics to suit different application modes
  • They are also available with tilt compensation option
Cantilever options Available on SICON, FORT and ACT probes
Coating options (reflex side) Uncoated/Al
Special option Tilt compensation
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