STM Products(AFM 探針)

AppNano also offers high quality STM probes and STM tip etcher.


The AppNano STM Tip Etcher is a compact, easy to use system for etching custom STM tips with a user-controlled timed etch.  The etcher features an automatic tip etch stop, an automatic dip and retract, and a live tip etch view.  The machine uses pulse etching technology for highly controlled and reproducible tip ROC and aspect ratio.  The pulse width is variable for creating custom tip shapes.  An optional electroplating mode enablesnanometre scale metal deposition.


STM tip electrochemical etcher



  • Etch type:  DC PWM
  • Selectable etch Voltage: 1.5V to 12V
  • Voltage display: 3.5 digit DVM
  • Current max: 1A
  • Slow etch: selectable 0.1% to 4% "on" at 10Hz
  • Fast etch: selectable 4% to 40% "on" at 100Hz
  • Optical view: ~200X digital microscope
  • Surface detect: electronic detection of the etch liquid surface w/ LED indicator
  • Tip etch control:  Linear Servo with 15 mm travel, 0.02 mm step resolution
  • Tip taper distance:  2 mm (can be specified shorter or longer).
  • Optional electroplating mode
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