25Pt400B(AFM 探針)

Rocky Mountain Nanotechnology, LLC, is the only company that manufactures and sells ultra-sharp, solid platinum and platinum-iridium AFM probes, for high resolution electrical measurements. These probes can be used in various modes, including tapping and contact and are ideal for C-AFM, EFM, KPFM PFM, SCM, SMM, SMIM,  and SNOM applications. Each probe is imaged by FE-SEM to verify its tip radius.  The probes have cantilever frequencies from 4.5kHz up to 100kHz. They also have a long lifetime and high reliability in electrical measurements. There is never an issue with conductivity because the probe tips are purely metallic.

The 25Pt400B is similar to the 25Pt300B, but with a lower spring constant. These probes are ideal for C-AFM, SCM, SMM and SMIM applications.
  • Tip shank length: 80 μm (± 25%)
  • Cantilever length: 400 µm (± 15%)
  • Cantilever width: 110 µm (± 15%)
  • Spring constant: 8 N/m (± 40%)
  • Frequency: 10 kHz (± 30%)
  • Standard tip radii below 20 nm for $80 each
  • Tip radii below 10 nm on request for $100 each 25Pt400B-10
  • Non - standard probe tips and cantilevers upon request
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