12Pt300B(AFM 探針)

Rocky Mountain Nanotechnology, LLC, is the only company that manufactures and sells ultra-sharp, solid platinum and platinum-iridium AFM probes, for high resolution electrical measurements. These probes can be used in various modes, including tapping and contact and are ideal for C-AFM, EFM, KPFM PFM, SCM, SMM, SMIM,  and SNOM applications. Each probe is imaged by FE-SEM to verify its tip radius.  The probes have cantilever frequencies from 4.5kHz up to 100kHz. They also have a long lifetime and high reliability in electrical measurements. There is never an issue with conductivity because the probe tips are purely metallic.

The 12Pt300B has a higher spring constant than the 12Pt400B. It is typically used for contact AFM imaging, when a higher resonance frequency is desired. These probes are ideal for C-AFM, SCM, SMM, SMIM, and PFM applications.
  • Tip shank length: 80 μm (± 25%)
  • Cantilever length: 300 µm (± 15%)
  • Cantilever width: 60 µm (± 15%)
  • Spring constant: 0.8 N/m (± 40%)
  • Frequency: 9 kHz (± 30%)
  • Standard tip radii below 20 nm for $80 each
  • Tip radii below 10 nm on request for $100 each 12Pt300B-10
  • Non - standard probe tips and cantilevers upon request
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